[ NOTICE ]Now available OHWE coins deposit/withdrawal and transfer to E-wallet. 2018.11.27
Hello, this is "OHWE".

Thank you, everyone, for your outpouring of support.

We would like to inform that you should know how to protect your valuable assets.

From November. 28(11:00 am), you can make deposits and withdrawals.

Prior to depositing and withdrawing OHC, please make sure that you must send OHC coins from IO website to my e-wallet.

We also remind you that sending OHC to exchanges or Personal trading is only possible via or Android APP.

If you do not understand the manual well or find any problem, please contact our support team.

We are not responsible for any consequences arising from the failure to transfer from IO website to my e-wallet including
legal issues.

We appreciate for our customers waiting and we will try our best to protect our customer’s asset.

Thank you


[Attached file] E-wallet manual ( ENG / TW )