Content Sharing Platform with Consumers

OHWE Coin is a cryptocurrency used in the OHWE platform based on blockchain.
We have realized Blockchain’s intrinsic function based on technology that shares all profits with all participants in all fields that cover individuals and businesses, commercial service, financial service, online service, legal service, distribution service, etc. As wide-ranging technologies can be applied, customers can use various services using the real-life content-sharing OHWE platform ecosystem.

Consumer content sharing platform linkage

OHWE coin is a cryptocurrency linked to the OHWE platform and will serve as mediator to connect not only the virtual cryptocurrency world but also the real world.

New Reward and Mining methods

Users can be rewarded with OHWE coin through trading, use of services and contents, it is freely available in the Ohwe platform.

Build an optimized trading block chain ecosystem that complements its limitations and speed.

In the OHWE blockchain ecosystem, almost all cryptocurrencies interwork, other cryptocurrencies specified by the platform are also systematized in such a way that trading can be feasible.

Independent based blockchain and own mainnet operation

Developing an independent based trading blockchain and operating own mainnet in order to maintain stable trading system

OHWE COIN is developed for on/offline payment purposes and is a cryptocurrency based on the blockchain technology that is applied to all transaction processes and distribution.

Using OHWE coin, people can use a variety of services linked to the OHWE platform and anyone can gain OHWE coin fairly and easily. Our business model wants to actualize the value and stability of OHWE coin linked to the OHWE platform, which is a gateway to the virtual cryptocurrency world as well as the real world.
With the OHWE platform, people can obtain best products and services at lowest price by forcing the concurrency of transactions without intermediators. Furthermore, the distribution margins or profits generated by goods and services will be share with consumers, not the profit of the provider(suppliers).

  • Interaction with diverse transactions
  • Fast transaction speed
  • Effectiveness of a transaction
  • Borderless Payment
  • Strong security, authentication
  • Reasonable reward policy

Business Model

The OHWE coin distributes coins to the current owners so that they can use the OHWE platform for normal and reasonable consumption and conducts business marketing on them. And it can pay & distribute a portion of the goods' price with a coin, and deliver the coin to the user.
In its corresponding platform, the user interfaces with the purchasing of goods and the points generated to match the business model to the utilization and redistribution of coins.

Shopping malls in the platform are evolving into open markets and social commerce, and OHWE is in charge of the development and implementation of coins to be a leader and to advance into and lead the OHC commerce market.
We have a business model that redistributes profits of companies to consumers, resets the value of the same products, and returns the corresponding profits to consumers.

As a model for this, it is a model that transforms the product that has been proceeded in an unknown distribution to consumers into a rational distribution process and delivers the profit generated from it to the consumer.

Technology, Global Network, Vicious Cycle

Simultaneous transaction verification technology implemented by of P2P functions, it minimizes the load of the verification system when transaction occur simultaneously based on the transaction ledger entry function and enables the transaction simply via internet connection in everywhere.

Our business model has a virtuous cycle that enables reward and mining within the platform through trading, content sharing, and user participation.

About Business

Ohwe Business

Wise and reasonable consumer content sharing platform, OHWE, is an honest platform that shares distribution margins or profits generated by goods and services transactions in free economic markets with consumers, not the profit of providers (suppliers).

In OHWE (OHWE ECO), consumers become the subject of users rather than simple users and, without the intermediary distribution line, the goods and services are connected directly between the provider (company) and the consumer, and thereby it becomes consumer-centric transactions. And therefore, it is to buy the best products and services that satisfy the customers with the lowest price for the same condition/quality products, and as a result, realizes the at-cost purchase which is the dream of all consumers.

OHWE (OHWE ECO) creates a consumer-centric market economy that connects all consumers to one platform by providing the same content sharing platform for goods and services around the world.
It is a system of value innovation that shares resources with producers, distributors, and consumers with one content sharing platform.

Platform active member

On the Ohwe Platform, when a member proposes a product or service products and if they are selected, a coin is paid to the member. And the company conducts market research on products and service products. We will notify of the funds needed for production or OEM, and we receive investment from Ohwe Platform members in Ohwecoin for production and provide products via OEM. We sell this product and service products with a certain quantity of Ohwecoin embedded.

It sells in Ohwe Platform and domestic and overseas market, and it distributes the sales profit to Ohwecoin investor in cash or Ohwecoin. This maximizes the value of Coin by increasing the future value of Ohwecoine and contributing to Ohwecoin's virtuous cycle system.

Proof of Authenticity and Origin

To prevent forgery in logistics and transportation processes, the manufacturing processes and certificates of origin are stored in a separate DNS and then this information is placed in the blockchain, so that consumers, distributors, manufacturers can share the information one another and verify authenticity. Through the tracking system(Explorer), consumers can distinguish genuine products easily.

  • Genuine authenticity and proof of origin
  • Confirm the authenticity of the goods
  • Fake product authenticity
  • Proof of arrival

Reward or Mining through the use of services within the platform

OHWE Platform is linked to platform pool and engaged in verification process when transactions occur via trading between participants and use of services/contents. As a result, participants can receive the Ohwe coin as reward. The wallet in the platform acts as a single node, induces the inflow of OHWE coin holders into the platform. In addition, users can accumulate reward points for the amount of purchase and use the points for payment within the platform.

Hub construction of cultural arts content ecosystem

Create Hallyu Cultural Arts Content Hub and New Hallyu MCN Global Marketplace

Another feature of the Ohwe platform that utilizes Riskless Assets is the strategy to build a global Culture-Hub for the Hallyu content ecosystem.

The culture and arts of the modern society are developed by the creative awareness and exchange of the global cultural phenomenon based on its own national culture. In this respect, the globalization of Korean culture and art requires paradoxically a new strategic approach(Globalization) to the acceptance and recreation of world culture.
In other words, the ecosystem of contemporary culture and arts content is developed into a global culture by experimentally combining content, form and technology based on the uniqueness of its own national culture and the fluency with other cultures.

Ohwe intends to establish Ohwe Culturehub, which can integrate cultural arts of the world and the Hallyu in a technology platform called the blockchain.
We will discover creative content materials using the Ohwe Platform and create integrated world wide content. Ohwe will build the Ohwe Culturehub ecosystem through fostering human resources of culture and arts, and will strengthen the globalization of our culture and arts and strengthen the competitiveness of content.


OHWE is a professional blockchain development company, which will complement the future developments and shortcomings of the blockchain and connect the blockchain to various business, and by applying distributed ledger technology for transactions (finance, security, industry), it can capitalize various business opportunities.

The block size was increased to ensure undisrupted and seamless transaction of participants, resolving the issue of high commission and delay when network is heavily loaded over time.

Block generation time based on Scrypt Algorism at least up to 20 times faster than using SHA-256, Improved High AISC resistance

One block is generated every 2.5 minutes on average, minimized transaction delay by adjusting the difficulty according to the average generating cycle of one block

Proof of transaction of central system

OHWE has introduced a method of processing the verification of the generated key value in the central system. OHWE has improved network technology for Distributed Ledger in order to realize stable operation of the system and a true Peer-to-Peer method. In order to maintain the stability of the coin system, small scale system for transaction function in wallet was constructed and exchanged the verification of users.

Real-time transaction processing through wallet

It supports the real-time transaction processing system for Peer-to-Peer using the functions of wallet that the individual/organization owns even if an End Point transaction occurs. The S/W type wallet installed on the user's terminal holds information about the user's own wallet and the user himself. It can generate and maintain transactions through the Minimal Exchange System, which can process the quotes it wants to trade.


Project Name




Maximum Total Supply

3,300,000,000 OHC

Available ThroughICO / Content utilization and reward(platform)

980,000,000 OHC

Distribution of Tokens

Announcement of Funds


How did it all begin, and what are our future schedules?

Institute / Company Sale (Investment)

April 2018

Private sale

May 2018 to July 2018

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Private-Sale



1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Pre-Sale

ICO, Singapore


Will be listed on overseas exchanges


To be listed on domestic exchanges


Master Operation

March 2019 through April 2019

Start Dapp developed blockchain industrialization


Operate Ohwe Platform offline construct system


Construct Global Ohwe Platform and Coin Payment System


Ohwe Platform and ON / OFF line coin payment


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Our team has experience in blockchain technology, finance, development and marketing and passion. Our team consists of 30 development teams and 12 support teams.

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